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We have good and reliable packaging solutions for the Food & Beverage industry

aluminum cans

Aluminum cans

We are the sole agent of Ball Beverage Packaging, the world's leading manufacturer of beverage aluminum cans.

glass jars

Glass - Jars & bottles

We represent GCA, part of Gurallar Group, the sixth-largest manufacturer in the world.

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PET Preforms 

Our supplier is Koksan, the biggest PET preforms Turkish supplier

PET Preforms3.jpg
pet jars

PET Jars and squeezers

We offer wide range of PET jars for the food and cosmetics industry and different types of squeezers for spreads and sauces as honey, silan (date honey), tahini, etc

PET Jars and squeezers4.jpg
twist off

Twist-Off closures & Aluminum caps

Our partners for the past 25 years is Massilly France, a family company that has become a global player in Twist-Off closures.
More in our range, we have Aluminum caps for Olive oil, Spirit and Wine

wine corks

Wine corks

We cooperate with a Portuguese manufacturer, who produces all types and of all qualities of wine corks

Wine corks1.jpg
paper baking molds

Paper baking molds

We are well known in Israel with Ecopack, an Italian manufacturer of paper molds for bakeries

plastic caps

Plastic Caps and closures

Our focus is on plastic lids for CSD, mineral water, ketchup, sauces and spreads, the cleaning sector, and agrochemicals

Plastic Caps and closures3.jpg
flexible and rigid

Flexible & Rigid Films

Among the range of our products, there are flexible packaging with different specifications, which fit various products in the food field

food and chemicals

Food and chemicals plastic bottles

Plastic PE / PP, mono / multilayer bottles and PET bottles for hot filling.
Main application: food, chemicals and cleaning products

FRONTAK_MG_0134 500x600.jpg


Whether requirements are for the food sector or the construction industry, we provide round, oval and rectangular buckets with and without IML

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Our variety includes different types of plastic, paper  and aluminum labels for all beverage applications including recyclable

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